Monday, September 7, 2009

Paul's Visit - Friday Recap

Better late than never........Here is Friday's recap.

The Kentucky crew arrived quite late on Friday night. They didn't leave Kentucky until after 1pm because my niece, Becky, had some college classes. Also, they drove to Buffalo with a side stop in Pittsburgh to pick up my other niece, Rachel, from college. But after a long, long drive they arrived safe and sound - my brother Paul, sister-in-law Penny, nieces Rachel & Becky and Becky's boyfriend Zac.

It was nice to enjoy some munchies and drinks together and catch up. It was also nice welcoming our first guests into the house. Paul and Penny presented us with a wonderful housewarming gift. When Paul handed me the package he explained before I opened it that the gift was not a traditional gift but rather one with a lot of thought behind it.

I opened up the box to see a beautiful quilt handmade by my sister-in-law Penny. But this was not just any quilt. The quilt has much meaning behind it. The story behind it is this:

My mom was diagnosed with cancer, with a very poor prognosis, in March of 2003. In July of 2003, we had plans to go on our 15th annual Mazur Campout. wasn't a "campout" because that particular year ( it was the 15th annual) we vacationed in a beach home in Virginia Beach. Penny, a skilled crafter, offered to make a "prayer quilt" to give to my mom. Penny asked that each family (I come from a family of 6 kids) select fabrics that would be made into quilt squares that represented each of the families of the 6 siblings. Penny made the quilt, brought it to Virgina Beach and spread the quilt out onto the bed of their room. Each family then had an opportunity to have time with the quilt and say their own private prayers. As prayers were said by each family they tied a knot into one of the quilt ties. Afterward, the quilt was presented to my mom (see photo) at the campout in hopes that the quilt and its prayers would comfort her during her illness. After my mom's death in 2007, the prayer quilt went home with Paul and Penny.

Fast-forward back to 2009. As I opened the housewarming gift, I was surprised to see the quilt. But included with the quilt was a very special note that explained the reason we were receiving the quilt. The note explained that the quilt represented "family, hope, sadness, joy and faith", that it was meant to embrace us. Paul and Penny's wish for us was to have quilt be part of our home (through good times and bad) and have it bring our family the comfort and the constant reminders of everything the quilt represents. But finally, they asked that the quilt be passed down to Madeline when she is old enough to understand its meaning and so that it would also remind Madeline of my mom and the fact that my mom tried so hard to be here to welcome her into the family. Needless to say, as I read their note aloud, there was not a dry eye in the room.

Thank you Paul and Penny for not only warming our home but also warming my heart!


Kelly said...

I should not have read this at work. You have a wonderful family Amy!! I know you are aware of this, but needed to tell you.

Whimsical Creations said...

What a special, special family you have.