Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohio, China and GERMANY??????

Today was a perfect Fall day. We headed to the Oktoberfest for the Dayton, Ohio Art Institute. Ohhhhhh.......Paul and Penny, sooooo sorry about the ultra lame Oktoberfest that I led you to when you visited Buffalo. The one in Dayton was quite large and we had a nice afternoon there......oh, and lots of junk food too! Madeline and I split a schnitzel platter for lunch, nibbled on cinnamon roasted pecans, Madeline had ice cream and Mama chowed on a funnel cake. Of course the grown-ups sampled some German beer too. The festival was good fun for the girls as there were bunches of kids activities. Madeline and Kate made their own crowns, got their faces painted, decorated cookies and ate their creations. Madeline also made a butterfly mask. We also took a break at a side stage where a band was playing and Madeline was a dancing freak! It really was a nice time.

As for David's adventures, the folks that have organized the events of the conference have kept him very busy from morning to evening. They shuffle him from conferences to buffets to gala events. Last night he was on an evening cruise after dinner on some canal. David final had to ask one of the coordinators to take him somewhere to do a little shopping to buy a few things to take home. This obviously put a kink in their tight plans and they are allotting him one hour tomorrow. So, yes, David is seeing a lot in China as a result of all the events that they have planned but he is really doing ZERO "sightseeing". For example, when he saw the Forbidden City while in Beijing it was only from the outside. It is also a shame that he'll be in China and will not even get a chance to glimpse the Great Wall of China. Oh well.....he is having good successes on his trip and with the way things are going, there is a good chance that he'll eventually make a repeat trip. HHhmmmmmm.......maybe Papa will find room in his suitcase for Madeline and me the next time around??

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