Monday, September 7, 2009

Paul's Visit - Saturday Recap

Oh, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, Paul!!! Not only did brother Paul drive a terribly long distance to get here, arriving late in the evening, then staying up until 2:30am-ish chit chatting with us, *but* he also agreed to wake-up early the next morning to help transport furniture. When we sold my mom's house after her death, we ended up selling the house to a friend of the family who agreed to store my mom's dining room table, chairs and buffet until I had a large enough space to be able to use it. Now that I am in the new house, Paul offered to help me haul the stuff in his truck. We ended up having to take two trips into Buffalo. Thanks bro!

After the moving, all of us headed back into Buffalo for what I believe was one of the biggest motivators of their planning a trip to Buffalo - the Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival. It was a beautiful day which brought out a good sized crowd to the festival. We ended up taking the Metro Rail into downtown. Madeline was pretty convinced that she was riding on "Thomas the Tank" and she was even more thrilled that she was able to sit with her cousins, Becky and Rachel (see photo). The festival offered just about every flavor chicken wing imaginable however, Madeline was not a huge fan. She preferred to chow down on corn on the cob and watermelon. We also had a preview of what our upcoming trip to Disney will be like as Madeline was initially freaked out by meeting Buster Bison, the mascot for Buffalo's AAA baseball team.

After we stuffed our guts with wings we came back home. Not sure which one of the guys had the smart idea to go swimming....but let's just say I am being sarcastic by calling it a "smart" idea. Since the summer is quickly fading, the temperature of the pool was 68 degrees! And yet, the guys bopped around in the pool. Crazy Mama let Madeline go in with Papa for a minute but that did not last and thankfully, Madeline was fine with that. Zac actually talked Becky into going in for a while but Penny, Rachel and I just stood back and shook our heads. Of course, a cold dip in the pool called for cramming everyone into the hot tub to warm up. Even Madeline was allowed in the hot tub for a couple minutes to warm her up. However, the guys were insane enough to go from the hot tub back into the freezing cold pool. I am surprised no one went into cardiac arrest.

Since we ate so much in the afternoon, everyone was pretty stuffed and therefore content to eat late, after Madeline went to bed. We made up some Beef on Weck sandwiches, another Buffalo delicacy. After dinner, we spent the evening playing a few games. We enjoyed Trivial Pursuit and Cranium. I really liked Cranium and think I might be adding that to my Christmas List of things to ask Santa for. Overall, a good, fun, family day.

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Paul said...

Notice the beer, front and center, on the ledge of the "cold" pool. Perhaps that is what kept our blood like antifreeze. Seriously it wasn't that cold once you were in for a few minutes. I think I stayed in for a half-hour.