Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Paul and his family headed back to Kentucky this morning. David, Madeline and I spent the majority of the day lazing around the house. Mama-Dirtyfoot is quite tired today as she stayed up waaaaaaayyyyyy too late last night. So, I am dragging a little today. I had the opportunity to test out the hammock with Madeline while David monkeyed around with the filter of the small pond in our backyard. Once David cleaned out the pond's filter, the water flow changed and made the sound of running water a bit stronger. This just made the hammock experience that much more relaxing. I am also nursing my bee sting from yesterday. I am amazed at how much that stupid thing still hurts today. Yeah, I am whining but I really am surprised. I have a swollen area a bit larger than the size of a softball and it feels like I was punched in the leg. Stupid bee!!

David, Madeline and I had some fun playing baseball. Madeline was having a blast trying to hit the ball.....and yes that is a Cubs ball, bat and glove. It was a relaxing day and a perfect way to finish upthe end of Maddie's summer vacation (school starts tomorrow). Now, off to the hot tub and on to bed.

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