Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As Promised.... Basement Photos

As promised, here are the pictures of my basement (I finally found the camera cord to transfer over the photos). Unfortunately, the lighting in the "after" photo is kind of crappy and I couldn't stand still enough for my camera to not shoot a blurry picture (must have had too much caffeine that day.) Although the lighting in the before picture gives a better idea of the color of the basement (the after picture just looks so brown), the after picture at least gives you an idea of how the ceiling helped to finish off the project of finishing our basement. Thanks again "Go Go Dan" for your work while visiting us. Now we just need to finish off the stairs going down to the basement. David sized and cut all the wood for that project when Madeline and I were visiting Marysia in early December. We just need to find the spare time to do some painting before laying down the laminate. Hmmmmm......sounds like I need to leave town again.....ha ha ha!


Marysia said...

It looks great! I'll do my share of helping by letting you come here so that the stairs can get done.

Amy said...

I am ready to hit the road again. This weather is making me stir-crazy. Talk about cabin fever! However, before I come I will need to save up for more martini glasses.....just in case! ha ha ha