Sunday, January 4, 2009

School Shopping

Madeline is starting her first day of pre-school on Tuesday. I could have started her in September but David and I didn't think she was ready (nor were we). We realized that, as an only child, Madeline needs the socialization with other children. And although, as a teacher, I can work with her on ABC's and 123's, Maddie needs both the social interaction with other children and the social training of being in a classroom environment. In the past, no one went to kindergarten. Yet, in this day in age, the majority of children experience some sort of day care or preschool setting. So, although Madeline has the advantage of being with mom throughout the day, she would be at a disadvantage for not experiencing this environment (and its social rules) before kindergarten. Therefore, we decided to start her up after the Christmas break. The program is a nice program. The school is very close to our house and she will only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-11:30.

Last night, David, Madeline and I went shopping for her school supplies. I began to realize how much I am going to miss Madeline for those couple of hours each week. I also began to realize that this is the beginning of her having her own life. Now, I do *everything* with Madeline. If she is trying to recite a part of her favorite book, I know what she is trying to say. If she is humming a tune, I know what song is going through her head and where she learned that song. Now, she will be exposed to new thoughts and ideas. And when she comes home humming a tune, I might not have any idea what song she is singing. With that said, I am secretly (of course Madeline can't know about this) having mini-anxious moments thinking about the whole idea. I think to myself, "Are we doing the right thing?" but I realize that yes, we are. Madeline is ready, it is just Mama that is not. And to think......this is only the beginning!


Paul Mazur said...

One of the cool things about having your child have experiences away from mommy and daddy is that they get to relay them to you when they come home. You get to reexperience the joy, laughter, sorrow, disappointment, whatever the situation demands. I'm still doing it to this day. For every inch you let go you get wonderful rewards in return.

Amy said...

I love you, big brother! You always know how to say the right thing!