Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Day of Pre-School

We have been prepping Madeline for this morning every since Santa left town (Photo at left is right before we left the house). We have been talking about school and reading about school. The other day we drove past her school. This morning, over breakfast, we talked more.

MDF (Mama-Dirtyfoot): Madeline, will Mama be in school?
Maddie : No
MDF: Will Papa be in school?
Maddie: No, Papa work.
MDF: Where will Mama be?
Maddie: Mama home.
MDF: Were will Madeline be?
Maddie: Lynn school.
MDF: That's right, Madeline will be at school and Mama will pick you up later.
I then told her of all the wonderful things she would do today - play with new friends, sing, hear stories, etc.

Fast forward to 8:45. David and I take Madeline into her classroom. Madeline starts clinging to my leg. I think.....oh God, this could get ugly. "Up please, up please", Madeline exclaims. This is something Madeline says when she is uncertain of a situation (she wants to be picked up). But as we spoke with the teacher and Madeline got more comfortable with her surroundings David and I realized it was time to make the break and leave (the photo to the right is Madeline wearing her "I am not so sure about this" look while shaking hands with her teacher). Mama and Papa gave her a kiss and told her we would be back later. Madeline just turned to us, waved, and said "bye-bye".

So, I barely got out of the door before the tears started streaming (down MY face - not Madeline's). David dropped me back at home before he headed to work and the silence in the house was deafening (another reason to wipe away tears)! Yet, time went quickly and before long I was heading back to pick Madeline up. As I waited outside of the classroom to greet Madeline I could hear her in there having a good time. The teacher said that Madeline did great. I was pleased that Madeline did well. I know that this time away gave Madeline a greater appreciation of her mama too because all afternoon Madeline kept giving Mama-Dirtyfoot spontaneous huge hugs. They were nice hugs - not clingy, anxious hugs but rather "You're the greatest" hugs. Yes Madeline, I missed you and love you too!

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