Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crunch Time!

I am really, really trying to get the house ready for our visit from Carolyn and Dan. I just don't know how the heck to tackle this with a little one trashing it behind me. How did my mom do it with SIX kids?!??! More and more, I am thinking maybe we should pursue getting a bigger house. I just plain old don't have enough hiding spots for all our clutter! I am nowhere near ready and I only have the morning to try to pull things together before picking up Carolyn and Dan from the airport. Yep, the Cinderella movie will be a good friend of mine!

I should really stay up tonight to clean but David was in Albany for two nights. That shouldn't make a difference but when David travels it really knocks it out of me! I guess because when David is home I get more of a Mama break after David gets home from work. (Not that I go off duty, but another set of eyes and ears on Madeline gives Mama-Dirtyfoot some leeway.) I am wonder people generally have children when they are younger. I can only imagine what our Indiana visits do to Grandma and Grandpa - they must be grateful for a break when the three of us head back to our hotel. So, I am heading to bed soon and trying to do the best I can in the morning. I hope Carolyn and Dan are as forgiving as Jon was!

Carolyn and Dan will arrive Friday afternoon and are leaving Sunday. The visit will be quick so I have a feeling we will be quite busy. I will try to keep the blog updated but forgive me if there is a little lapse. Photos and stories will come in time.

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