Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Tundra.......Ummmm, I mean Buffalo

David's Uncle Charles lives in Texas. Recently Uncle Charles commented on one of my posts and stated that the weather where he is was 71 degrees. *Sigh*.....we'll get that in May - if we are lucky. Uncle Charles seemed sincerely baffled as to why David and I would have loved the scorching heat of the upper 90's when we visited there early last summer (I think it was June). But, when your encounters with the sun are so brief, you learn to relish the steamy moments you share with it when it is around.

I guess I jinxed Buffalo. Early this year, I posted about how little snow David and I get by our house. Due to where we are located our house misses most of the lake effect snow. Well, this year we are getting slammed, not by lake effect, but general snow storms. (Good news is we are getting our money's worth on our plow contract this year). Also, it has been so cold that we don't get a break from the white stuff either. It has come and none of it has melted at all this month. It hasn't been this cold in Buffalo since the winter of 1977 - and we had our infamous Blizzard that year too (I hope that is not on the horizon for this year).

Anyway, I had a meeting in Buffalo at 10 am today. David called me to tell me that the roads were terrible and it took him and hour and a half to get to work (it normally takes 30 min). I attributed his ridiculously long commute to rush hour getting backed up because of the snow. I decided to proceed to the meeting with Maddie in tow even though it was offered to me to reschedule. Nahhhh....., I thought. How bad could it be? Rush hour was over and all will be fine. Yes, rush hour was over, yet the roads were still crappy. And what should've only take 25 minutes took me 50min. Half way there I thought to myself, "This is CRAZY that I am out here when I really don't have to be" but alas, by the time that thought went through my head I was actually closer to my destination than I was to my house so I proceeded.

While driving I decided to snap this picture, (yeah, yeah, yeah.....I know, what the hell was I doing taking a picture while driving in a snow storm) but I just wanted to share. Although things were a little slow, the roads were still manageable. No schools were closed. I had to laugh though because in other parts of the country one measly inch of snow will practically call for a state of emergency and pretty much shut down the city. We Buffalonians are robust....a few snowflakes don't scare us!


Marty said...

Thanks, Amy. Great post. Though we get our share of snow here, it's pictures like this that make me glad I live a couple of hundred miles south of you.

margaret said...

My kids have been off since Weds. I must admit it's been kind of nice...reminds me of my hometown. About 10" of snow with a layer of ice mixed in has shut this city down. One word of support for my city, they don't have the equipment or experience to deal with it.

Margaret said...

I stand corrected, my kids have been off of school since Tues.

Amy said...

Well, maybe when the weather tames and the snow subsides y'all can make the trek to Buffalo to enjoy the sun that actually does shine here :-)