Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boy Crazy at 3?

Madeline had a doctor's appointment today (which ended up having to be rescheduled). While in the waiting room, we saw a little boy that was in Madeline's music group. The boy carried with him his favorite toy, a "Woody" (from Toy Story) doll. As I talked to the boys mom she said things like, "After seeing the movie, he wanted a Woody", "We looked three days for his Woody" and "Go show Madeline your Woody". was very difficult to keep a straight face.

Next, a little blond boy walked into the waiting room. Madeline's face lit up, she started waving and saying, "Hi Boy!" Madeline, the blond boy and the "Woody" boy were all playing with the toys while Madeline kept chirping, "Hi Boy!" Ughhhhhh.......I am soooo in trouble and sooooo not looking forward to her teen years!

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Marty said...

You're my favorite sister, and Madie's my favorite niece. (Mush, Marg: So are you and your daughters). But I'm soooooo glad you're the Mom. That kid is smart. She's got Grandma O's devil inside, and is gonna take on the world.