Monday, January 5, 2009


Today is the day - diet day! I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been, feeling absolutely disgusted with myself and out of control at the same time. I can either take the easy road and accept my rolls of fat and continue to make lame excuses for them, or put myself to work, make lifestyle changes, turn down the goodies I want to eat but ultimately feel better about myself in the long run. Plus, my belief is that, in general, overweight people have low self-esteem and I am beginning to feel myself go down that dark path. I hate the way I feel about myself now and it is directly related to my weight.

So, my last diet-free night I indulged in all the no-nos - a grease-drippin' breakfast, McDonald's french fries, a high fat gut-bustin' chili dinner (with loads of cheese, of course), a pastry heart after dinner, and wine. Yet my fridge is now stocked with fruits and veggies and I am ready to go. My biggest fear, however, is that I fall flat on my face with this diet and that I will not be able to re-motivate myself thus causing myself to be a ton of lard for the rest of my life. My strategies for success are to work in tandem with my sister (via long distance) to work on our weight loss and encourage each other over the phone. I am signing up for Weight Watchers Online and my friend, Kelly, will give me the third degree every day about my exercise activity. Please wish me luck and pray for the strength needed for me to have willpower. If I am being successful in this, I am sure that I will keep you posted. It'll mean bad news if you never get another update on this topic. Stay tuned......


Paul Mazur said...

You can do it sisters. There are so many weight loss methods out there. Each one is geared towards a different type of metabolism and personality. So if the first one you try doesn't work, don't give up. Something else will work.

My most successful weight loss and exercise programs were ones that I enjoyed. If it was diet, I didn't mourn not indulging in a certain fave. If it was exercising, I looked forward to it. With that in mind, I still fell off the wagon because of other factors. For example, I really enjoy riding my bicycle. I rode almost every day in 2008. I fell into the idea that I could eat anything (and I could while I was riding), but once the weather turned crappy and the holidays rolled in, bingo-bango-bongo, I put on weight. I'm back on the wagon, but can't wait until spring when riding everyday is easier.

Go Sisters!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I need all the pep talks possible!