Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Past Packed Away.....again

I absolutely hate taking down the Christmas decorations. Aside from finding the chore tedious, I find that it makes me melancholy. We normally do not take down our decorations so early. We usually wait until Three Kings Day but since the addition of Madeline, the amount of stuff around the house has insanely multiplied. The walls of our home seem as though they are closing in on us and the Christmas tree was hogging up some much needed space in our living room. So now, the tree that was in Maddie's room is packed away (she was not happy about that) and our main Christmas tree is also taken down (I just have to take apart the tree in our finished basement).

Anyway, the photo above is the angel that used to be on our Christmas tree each year when I was a child. David and I have our own star topper but I hold on to this angel. Every year I pull it out, smile, remember fond memories of Christmases past, and wrap up the angel again for another year of storage. Despite its brief annual appearance, I cannot part with it. David and I also keep our childhood stockings but we do not use them, they've been replaced with newer Christmas stockings. I also hold onto a handful of ornaments from my childhood and a string of the "old school" big lights that we used in my childhood home. Two of my most prized items of Christmas Past are the sad lookin' beat-up teddy bear that we used to play hide and seek with in the Christmas tree and I have also "refurbished" an old musical jingle bell that we used to hang on our foyer door when I was a child. The now renovated jingle bell hangs on the inside of our front door. (See before and after shot below). Am I more nostalgic than most or do we all squirrel away our Christmases Past? Where do you stand in this obsession?

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