Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Are Home

We are all sleepy heads today. We made it home in one piece last night around 11pm. We got a later start than we anticipated but that is usually the case when we are heading home from Indiana. The car ride home was not nearly as bad as the trip there but gone are the days where we can "one stop it". In the past, our record time to do the trip was 7 hours but that is packing a lunch, and allowing for only one stop to pee while the car is being pumped with gas. Our trip home took 8 1/2 hours. We packed a lunch but still had three stops. Regardless, we are just happy that it was a safe trip and that we beat most of the snow. (It didn't start snowing until we reached Hamilton, Ontario).

This morning we all caught up on some much needed rest. (We have been enjoying these lazy family days while David has been on vacation). Mama-Dirtyfoot made a big breakfast for all of us complete with eggs, sausage, toast, juice and coffee. (I was feeling guilty about feeding the family microwaved, insta-crap fixed out of a make-shift/non-existent kitchen in our hotel for the past four mornings). Then we ran out to run some errands.

Late this afternoon we stopped to see my sister and her family. Although Madeline and I just got back from a visit to see Marysia in Maryland, we were lucky enough to see them again while they were in town visiting Mike's parents. You must understand Mike's family (Marysia's in-laws). They are the most hospitable people I know. You can pretty much show up at their house any time night or day and they have the red carpet out for their guests, a full spread of food and are ready to mix you a beverage. It was a nice time visiting with not only my sister's family but Mike's family as well. Madeline also had a blast playing with her cousins too (although Tommy is temporarily out of commission because he broke his collar bone skiing last night - Get Well soon, Tommy!)

We had planed to have a nice meal as a family when we got home but Madeline zonked out in the car on the ride home. This is totally not like her but we have been running her ragged the past few days. Since Madeline was in much need of bed-time, we opted to feed her an early meal and put her to bed. This allowed David and me to enjoy a quiet meal together. We intended to grill out steaks but, just our luck, we ran out of propane for the grill so we had to broil them instead. It was nice to have uninterrupted quiet time with David but we both missed Maddie during diner.

It is time now time to settle in to watch the ball drop. Thank you, God for all our blessings during 2008. Please watch over us and keep us safe this upcoming year.

Happy New Year, All!!!!!!!! (And Happy Birthday Christina - my niece)

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