Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back Together Again

In the rush to leave Marysia's house in time to catch our flight I forgot a few items. Marysia was nice enough to mail them out to me and, of course, included in the shipment was the ceramic clown bank. Now all three items are together again at my house like one big happy family. I suspected the clown would be coming my way in that shipment so I had purposely delayed mailing out some things that I promised I would send Marysia when I returned home. Don't be surprised Marysia if the box the mailman delivers is a little bigger than you expected. The weather in Maryland gets warmer earlier than here. I must say that I did hear the clown complaining to the kitty that he was cold. Hmmmm......*Or*, since Margaret is coming to town for the reunion, maybe we could spread the wealth. Be on guard!!!

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