Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hitting the Berlin Wall - Day 9 (Berlin)

Today, in Berlin, Madeline hit the wall. I am not speaking of *the* Berlin Wall; what I mean is that she hit her limit. She slept in a bit but woke up with a persistent dry cough (almost like she has a tickle in her throat). In general, other than the cough, she seems to be feeling well yet, she is just done with the "Amazing Race" marathon sightseeing. I figured that we would just have a light day, find a pharmacy for her cough and maybe go to, via taxi, a large shopping center nearby. Just finding a pharmacy, which was basically across the street, was a meltdown-filled ordeal. She was, plain and simple, DONE. So even my "light" schedule for the day was altered.

After picking up some cough stuff, Madeline and I went back to the flat while Jeff explored on his own. We spent the day hanging out, watching movies, coloring, and yes.....NAPPING! Madeline (and Mama-Dirtyfoot) needed this down day. When David and Carolyn got back from work, it was after 7pm. We didn't want to have Carolyn and Jeff feel obligated to dine with a 3 yr old again so we encouraged them to head out for an evening by themselves while the three of us grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant around to corner from us. I feel funny saying we ate German food because we *are* in Germany, but this was very German. After dinner, Madeline went straight to bed and then when Carolyn and Jeff got back we sat around in our flat gabbing. Tomorrow, as long as Madeline doesn't get any worse, we plan on heading out to sightsee with Jeff again while David and Carolyn work.