Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old MacDonald

Yesterday, Madeline cracked me up and I was lucky enough to find this image on the Internet that was fitting for today's blog post.

I have noooo idea where Madeline got this from. I am pretty sure she came up with this on her own. As we were in the car, Madeline was in the backseat singing her heart out as she normally does. She began to sing "Old MacDonald". Here is how our conversation went:

Madeline (singing) : Old MacDonald had a farm.....On his farm he had a Chicken Nugget.

MDF (surprised): A chicken nugget?!?!?!

Madeline: (laughing)

MDF (singing to prompt Madeline to fill in the blanks): he had a chicken nugget. E-I-E-I-O. With a .......

Madeline: (laughing she fills in the blanks with smacking sounds!!!)

Oh brother.....this child has our warped sense of humor!

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