Friday, March 6, 2009

Marysia's House - Day Four

Although Friday's adventures were quite exciting for Marysia and me, they will probably be very boring for my blog readers as Friday's adventures were "more of the same". By that, I mean, sleep in (Madeline did too) and go shopping.

Madeline is doing so good. Mama-Dirtyfoot, on the other hand is still dealing with this chest cold. I am fine during the day but things sort of catch up to me at night time and a day at the mall drains me. But.....oh, how productive we were! If I were to list all the items I bought it would seem as though I was being self indulgent and fiscally irresponsible but actually, I was in true need of the stuff I bought. In fact one item I said I needed for years but never got around to buying.

I bought two pairs of shoes. By no means am I an Emelda Marcos. I just got an everyday pair of black shoes and an everyday pair of brown shoes. The ones I had were beat and bordering out of style. I need style and comfort for our upcoming trip to Europe. I like the brown shoes (GREAT DEAL - for those who know name brands, a pair of Clarks for $30. Those normally run for $60) however, I might return them because they are backless. In general that doesn't bother me but I don't know how practical they will be for sightseeing. The thing that I have needed for a few years is a spring coat. I was tempted to get a khaki color but instead thought of David who likes when I wear colors. So, I got a bright green, hip-lengthed trench. The absolute hit of the day was the summer shoes that I bought for Madeline. One of the pairs of shoes I bought for myself I got at the Skecher store. They were having a "buy one get one 1/2 off" sale. I didn't see anything else I liked there but for Madeline, I got a pair of Skeecher clear jelly shoes that light up as she walks. I know....kind of obnoxious but she's 3! She loves the clear jelly look because they look like Cinderella's slippers and the light-up feature is an added bonus.

Also, Marysia and I picked names for our family's $10 Christmas gift exchange (family, I'll email those picks out soon). I bought a gift for one of my names and Marysia bought Christmas gifts for both of her names. We also picked out Bunco prizes for the next time she hosts a Bunco party. The above is a major accomplishment for Marysia because although she enjoys shopping with her sisters, in general she is NOT a shopper.

The shopping trip was all worth it for Madeline when I splurged and let her ride those silly rides at the mall. I can't believe those stupid things are $0.75! I used to get away from paying that by letting Madeline climb on the rides and then I would just shake them.....that would completely satisfy her. Now, she is on to my tricks and I have to cough up the dough.


Whimsical Creations said...

how fun! I love shopping trips when on vacation. You find some great deals at other malls.

Amy said...

Shopping here, there, anywhere....I'm always game!