Friday, March 20, 2009

Tick Toc Taxes

Tomorrow is going to be an extremely busy day for us. Madeline has dance class at 10:15 and a doctor's appointment at 11:45 to follow up with the ENT doctor. Also, endless errands to run....I have to exchange some clothes that I bought for Madeline for the trip (1/2 the stuff ran big). I need to go to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, dry cleaners, and if time allows, the tax man.

And the tax man is the one I am NOT looking forward to! It has nothing to do with IRS fear or anything like that. The guy has been doing our taxes for years and is a really nice guy. The thing I fear is taking Madeline with me. Last week, David stopped in with Madeline to drop off all our tax stuff. The tax guy, during tax season, meets with clients in his house. It is a very beautiful home that has a grandfather clock in the living room. I guess when David and the tax guy were reviewing the paperwork that David was dropping off, the grandfather clock began chiming in the other room. After Madeline heard that she wanted to go see the clock. Madeline continued to exclaim loudly for the rest of the visit, "I wanna see the clock! I wanna see the clock! I wanna see the clock!"The only problem with this is that Madeline can't produce the "cl" blend sound so she was omitting the "l" in the word. Ummmm.....yeah, I need to make a conscious effort to not show up at the tax guy at the top of the hour.

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