Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marysia's House - Day Three

Last night, Madeline did great! She went to bed at around 7:30 and slept in until 10:30! With all of that rest, she is pretty darn close to her old self......enough that we were able to venture to the mall.....yippee!!

After the amount of time Marysia, Madeline and I spent at the mall you would've thought that we could've each walked away with compete wardrobes. I did get a new bathing suit (although I will wait to see what David thinks of it when I get home. He gets final voting rights on that.) I also got a new blousy-type top to layer under a cardigan (or could wear alone in summer).

Now, Marysia and I both have issues shopping. We both consider ourselves to have "problem areas" that we would like to hide. It is good when we shop together because we commiserate but it is also bad too because the two of us spend so much time second guessing ourselves. One thing that was decided was that we needed help in the boobie area. We figured new bras would be the equivalent of plastic surgery boob lifts. Off too Victoria Secret we went. The "bra specialist" there was awesome and this is what took the majority of our time. But let me tell ya, we are now uh....."lifted" and that made our clothing fit better. (Sorry male readers, be glad you don't have to deal with this)

We also had to make a trip to the Disney store for Madeline. The Disney stores in the area malls where I live closed but there is one in the mall near Marysia. Madeline was like a kid in the candy shop...."buy this, buy this". I don't think we did too much damage. We only spend $37 and walked away with 3 t-shirts for summer time(1 Ariel, 1 Tinkerbell & 1 Disney Princesses) . She also got a Cinderella playset (see photo) as a souvenir of our trip to Aunt Mushie's and an additional Disney Fairies playset to be used as a gift at a later date.

The other big treat was that we went to the food court and got soft pretzels. Madeline never had these before. Marysia and I decided that we should take this photo of Madeline eating the pretzel because the way she was holding on to it made it look like a big steering wheel for the stroller.

Madeline had more energy today than Mama. She is doing great while I am fighting some type of cold. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring Mama-Dirtyfoot some renewed strength to tackle another day of shopping.

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