Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Egg Spa Treatment - Marysia's House Day Two

We arrived safely in Baltimore yesterday. First off, I want to back up to my last post and up date the story a little. In addition to Madeline taking matters into her hands with the NUKs, I found she did the same with the Vaseline too. When I got her out of bed (although I gave her a tub before bed, she looked as though she had sweated through the night. Eventually I realized that she had the Vaseline in her bed and put it in her hair. So, in preparation for the trip to Marysia I had to give her another bath even though she had one the night before. We got dressed, I put her hair up and worked our way to the airport. It wasn't until we were at the airport, and thought that Madeline looked like a really greasy baby did I realize that Vaseline does not wash out of hair. Yep, I showed up at my sisters looking as though I never bathe my child. Also, a side effect of the surgery (that can last a few weeks) is foul breath. So in addition to looking as though I never washed her hair, it also appeared as though I never brushed her teeth.

Madeline was great on the one-hour flight but was a bit wiped when we arrived. Basically, to make a very long story short, Madeline was put into bed early. However, she kept getting up crying. At first I just thought that it was because she was not in her own bed. However, as time went on and Madeline became almost inconsolable, I decided to call doctor's. I didn't get the doctor that performed the surgery but a different doctor that was on call. Like I said, to make a long story short, I am convinced that the doctor who performed the surgery neglected to give the proper antibiotics for Madeline. I thought it was weird that the only antibiotics that Madeline received were ear drops. I wondered how that would help with the adenoid surgery but I figured, that they knew what they were doing. So my dear brother-in-law, Mike, was driving to a 24 hour pharmacy after midnight(on a work night for him) to get a script that the on-call doctor called in for antibiotics and pain meds. Some drugs, and a good night sleep helped bring Madeline back to not only were she was before we left for Maryland but also, better than when we left.

The next thing to take care of was Madeline's greasy Vaseline hair. After sifting through various tips on the Internet, I decided to hair dry Madeline's hair before a shower (to try to liquefy the Vaseline) Next, shampoo with a whisked egg, rinse, wash with shampoo, rinse, wash a *second* time with a whisked egg, rinse and wash a second time with worked! She is almost back to normal.

As you can see below, she was having a blast playing catch with Uncle Mike and her cousins. Oh, the "dress" she is wearing is a hand-me-down slip that she was playing dress-up in. Also, as usual, my video quality is crappy because it was taken on my cell phone (maybe David can hook me up with a better camera phone for my birthday...hint, hint)


Whimsical Creations said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Glad she is feeling better.

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Amy said...

Melanie - Yes, we are having a good time.

Margaret - Mushie is looking great....a motivator for me to get back on my diet!