Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progress!!!! - Let's Go BUFF-A-LO!

A few months ago, Mama-Dirtyfoot wrote about an opportunity that David had to tour the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium prior to its demolition. Buffalo is centered in nostalgia and thus such an opportunity to see inside the Aud made many people "green". The other day, David gave me the opportunity to see inside the Memorial Auditorium one last time too.....although not quite the same viewing he received. Basically, my viewing was through this cavernous hole in the Aud's facade as we drove by. The seating sections - or as Buffalonians knew them - Golds, Blues, Reds & Oranges - were gone. All you could see were the cement "stairs" that held the seats. The echoes of a generation's worth of cheers and laughter spilled from the wound of the arena's structure. Yet, despite the Aud's crumbling walls, the Sabres' chant, "Let's Go BUFF-A-LO" which was heard within these walls for some many years, took on a new meaning. Yes!...Let's Go Buffalo! Change and progress are at your doorstep!

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Whimsical Creations said...

Drove by their yesterday on the 190 while on the way to the zoo. I had my head hanging out the window to take pictures of the huge hole. It's wild to see it that way. All those seats exposed. Surreal.