Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Habits Formed That WILL Be Broken

Madeline is in some ways better and in some ways not. In general, she is doing fine. In fact, we have decided to make the trip to Marysia. She was dancing around yesterday, roughhousing with David and did not spike a fever at all and, as before, did not sleep when I put her down for a nap. On the other hand, she is still boogery and has a cough but that is a side effect of the surgery that can last up to two weeks after surgery. The worst side effect of this surgery has been that Madeline has gotten *WAY* too used to being catered to. She is enjoying bossing us around. She is very specific as to which type of drink she wants, what type and what color cup she is drinking it out of. Then she'll take a few sips and place an order for a different type of drink. At first I was playing along to this whole game because I was concerned about her liquid intake. Now, I must break her of this habit.

Madeline has also taken to whining. Don't get me wrong, I understand that that is inevitable to a certain degree when a child doesn't feel good but I think Madeline has decided that she prefers that tone in her voice better. Also, Madeline has once again realized that we will cater to her during the night. She sleeps with a NUK, not so much to suck on but rather to hold. I have a small bucket of NUK's on her dresser. Last night, she woke up crying so I shot out of bed. She couldn't find her NUK, it must've been buried in the blankets so I gave her another NUK. An hour or two later, she woke up crying and I shot out of bed again. She had decided to wake me up while she had TWO NUKS in her hands (the first "lost" one and the second one I gave her) and tell me that she wanted "new NUKS". She just woke me up to tell me that she wanted them switched out. Yeah, I pretty much laughed at that request and went back to bed.

I am thinking that this trip to Marysia will actually help get Madeline back on track as the event of it all will possibly make her forget about the bad habits she has formed. I just hope we don't make Marysia and her family miserable in the process. Next post....from Baltimore area.

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