Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pre- School Homework

In Madeline's take-home folder, was a letter "Q" with a note to color brown. (Why brown? I have no idea.) I was guessing this was something that Madeline missed while she was out. I wasn't sure however if the teacher just wanted to give it to Madeline to complete at her leisure or if she wanted Madeline to complete and bring back to school. So last night she colored her "Q" as homework. Also, Madeline needed to bring in a White item for the class's "Show & Share". We went around the house picking out some white toys. The picture below is of "the finalists" for Show & Share. Mama-Dirtyfoot needed to have Madeline pick only one to take to school. And the winner???....the white car. She was so excited to bring the car in to show her friends. This is the first time that her class had Show & Share. Now that Madeline understands what to expect, I think she'll have that much more fun pick out something for next Thursday's Show & Share. Next Week: pink!!

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