Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back Home Again

Here we are home again (although the photo is of the three of us at Margaret's house on Mother's Day. Oh yeah...that *is* the same outfit I wore to the reunion but shhhhh don't tell anyone). We had a great time visiting Margaret and her family in the Dayton, OH area but it felt good to be home, veggin' out last night. Despite that, I am already antsy to travel again. What I *need* to do when I get restless is to get productive doing all the things on my list of things to do.

Anyway, Sunday was an enjoyable day. Margaret (aka Martha Stewart) put out a huge breakfast buffet for us. She made a breakfast pizza, fruit tart, raspberry waffle bake, hash browns, and cherry & almond danish. Everything was delicious but I feel terrible that Margaret did all that work on Mother's Day. Later in the morning we headed over to church as Chris was being confirmed at the noon Mass. The Confirmation itself was quite moving and I was honored to have Chris choose me as his sponsor. Then in the late afternoon we headed out for a late lunch/early dinner. We went to The Melting Pot......ugh, I am still full!! Everything there is fondue-style. It was fun to "play with your food". There is a Melting Pot in our area too but we haven't been there. I would go back but it was not exactly the best place for a 3yr old. Although Madeline was fairly well behaved, this restaurant is more conducive to sitting and dinning for a couple hours. Great place for a romantic date night or a girls night out gab fest. In the evening, Margaret and I hung out on the swing in her back yard. We watched Madeline and Kate playing in the yard while the moms sipped on some mixed drinks that our hubbies made for us. Madeline had a blast playing with her cousins - especially Kate because they had fun playing girly-girl stuff together. As the girls were outside, the guys played Wii in the house.

David, Madeline and I traveled home yesterday. It was nice to have a quiet evening at home. I rented a movie that we watched after putting Madeline to bed. The movie was that "its so stupid that its funny" humor that Will Ferrell is so good at. The movie we rented was Step Brothers. Again....disclosure....it is really stupid! But, David and I were in the right mood so we got some pretty good laughs out of it.

Today, Madeline and I are just sort of hanging around. I have a lot to do - unpack, laundry,straighten the house, grocery shop, etc, etc, etc. Instead, I am being a big blob. Tomorrow, I need to be productive.....and that includes re-examining the Weight Watchers program. I am NOT a happy camper with my "strap the feed bag on" feeding frenzy that I have been on lately. The attached photos (and video) are proof! Below is a video of Margaret, Kate, Madeline and I on the trampoline. I pretty much stayed on all fours as I was afraid to fall on Madeline and crush her. I did take a few turns by myself during the course of our visit.

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