Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now We Wait....

After a few late nights we finally got our house de-cluttered and staged for showing. Now that the house is so roomy because it is so "empty" it almost makes us not want to move. But we know, realistically, we can't live like this permanently - thus we move forward. We had two showings on Friday, one on Saturday morning and then an Open House on Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm. Yesterday's Open House was promising. There was one young couple that was still at our house when we returned after 3pm. I guess they were at our house for over an hour, took some pictures and called their parents to come in to see it too.....(just goes to show how young they were! They were engaged to be married and this would be their first house.) So, now we wait and see if any offers come our way. But, just in case, we need to think about scheduling another Open House soon.

I do have to say, that now that things are very much in order at our house, Madeline's school is over for the year, swim lessons are done for a while, dance class is winding down and we are done with traveling and house guests for a few weeks, we don't have anything to do right now. I must say that this weekend has been extremely relaxing! It's a nice change but I know that this is just not the way we operate so I am sure we will be up to something exciting soon. Until then, please continue to cross your fingers for us that all proceeds well with the house situation.

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