Friday, May 15, 2009

Swimming Drama

Yesterday, Madeline had her last swim class of the school year session. I might continue her during the summer but it depends on the dates that the sessions run. I would hate to pay for sessions and then miss half of them due to summer vacation travel. However, after yesterday's swim episode, I am really hoping to continue Madeline in swim!!

From the photo above, you can sort of see how the class is run (Madeline is in the polka-dotted bathing suit). There are small groups of swimmers. For the small handful for children, there are usually two lifeguards giving lessons to the children in this small group as well as another lifeguard sitting on a perch nearby. There are different small groups (based on ability level) with the same number of lifeguard coverage in the various corners of the pool .The guards that are giving the lessons take the kids out a short distance into the pool while the other children sit on the ledge and wait for their turn.

Parents are not required to stay for lessons but since the class is only a half hour I do stay. I am normally watching Madeline but yesterday I saw a mom at the pool that came to my MOMS club open house the day before so we started chit-chatting. I look up and see the lifeguard that was on the perch grabbing Madeline from the pool. I guess Madeline reached for one of the toys that they use in the lessons and fell in. Everything is fine. She didn't even really take in water but it was enough to freak her out (temporarily - she ended up joining in with the lesson again. I didn't want her to end up with a fear of the water) and give Mama-Dirtyfoot a heart attack. It just reinforces the thought of eliminating houses (in our house search) that have an in ground pool as well as the need for us to continue these lessons, whether this summer or in the Fall.

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