Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday (5/2) pre-reunion recap

Saturday morning I got up to take Madeline to dance. While Madeline was at dance I got my toes done for the evening....I love pedicures! Unfortunately David had to work all day Saturday but Paul was able to accompany David during the day. This made the afternoon a quiet girl's day. My sisters - Marysia & Margaret, my niece - Rachel, Madeline and I just sort of hung out all afternoon. After lunch, we did surprise Rachel with a little birthday celebration (I can't believe that she is turning 20 on the 8th!!). We also watched Aladdin (Madeline's new thing is to watch tv from inside her Dora tent). In the evening, while we headed to the reunion, Rachel was nice enough to babysit Madeline. Thanks Rachel!!

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