Saturday, May 23, 2009

We've Arrived!!

We've arrived!! Yesterday, we left New York late in the afternoon but only drove half-way - to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. (Yes, geographically it makes sense for us to go through Canada to get to Indiana!) When we got to the hotel yesterday, even though it was past Madeline's bedtime, we decided to enjoy some time at the pool. We were able to sleep in a little bit this morning and be leisurely for the remainder of our trip.

When we got into town we checked into our hotel. Madeline had her yogurt from breakfast and taco sauce from lunch all over the front of her shirt. I couldn't exactly take Madeline to Grandma's looking like that!! We are quite pleased with our hotel room. We have a two room suite so we can put Madeline to bed in the evenings and hang out in the other room while she is sleeping.

After we arrived and got settled in the hotel, we headed over to David's parents' house. We visited for a while. Madeline also had a chance to play outside while at Grandma's and she quickly found some neighborhood kids to play with. David's parents had tickets this evening to see Lee Ann Rimes so we ended up going out to dinner with them before they headed out to the concert. David was in a pizza kind of mood so we headed to Albano's, a local pizzeria. The pizza was very good but I must say, nothing beats a Buffalo pizza!

After stopping at WalMart to get a few items for our room, we are now sitting, relaxing and enjoying our room. Let's hope Madeline sleeps in tomorrow!!!

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