Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling my age!

I am getting old - plus, I am out of shape. I was busy all day today! Madeline had school this morning so I decided to run out and get some items for landscaping. We need to hurry to get our house in shape for showing....but we are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Indiana to visit David's parents. I thought I would be more productive than I was actually able to be. It's not that I was slacking today but rather I was unrealistic with my goals for the day. I thought, "Why bother calling for a delivery of mulch, I don't have time for that nonsense." So I ended up lugging 10 bags of mulch, 6 bags of top soil and numerous flowers from Home Depot. I also made a stop at Rite Aid for DRUGS as I somehow caught another cold! (This is the most amount of colds I can ever remember having in one's ridiculous!), and a stop at the grocery store for enough groceries to get us through the next day and a half until we leave (I was hoping to try to avoid buying any more food before we left). Once I was done with that it was time to pick up Madeline.

After changing Madeline out of capris and into shorts and a tank top (it was in the 80s today), throwing in some laundry (gotta get that caught up in order to pack) and making Madeline lunch it was almost time for the realtor to come back to our house. I didn't have time to wait....had to get out there and start working. David has been out of town on business (all the house offer stuff has been handled long distance!!). He has been so busy that he didn't get a chance to mow the lawn before he left. So, that was the first task at hand. Half way through mowing the front yard, the realtor came. Stop....wrangle Madeline back inside, pop in a movie, conduct business, head back outside, continue mowing.... Now, since we have been so busy prior to all the house stuff, we have accomplished no spring landscaping work. Time to trim bushes, cut back tulips, etc, etc, etc, while chasing a 3 yr old and wrestling with a weed whacker that I was having a hard time figuring out how to start. At this point the day is almost over and I realize that I was completely off on how much I thought I would be able to accomplish. The problem, though is that we are getting a photo of the front of our house taken tomorrow to post on the on-line listings for sale. How I wished to get those flowers I bought planted....that won't be possible....I just realized I have to just get the front trimmed up and presentable.
Wait, stop....where's Madeline??? Stop everything again....oh, she is back in the garage again....
Wrangle her out, continue working...
Pull some weeds, cut back neighbor's kid *really* needs to stop talking to me! Where is Madeline??? MADELINE....GET OVER HERE!!!!!
Pull, rake, cut, trim. Oh God, I *rarely* talk to these neighbors...why are they feeling the need to be social today. Madeline, Stay OUT of the garage...I NEED to see you! Yep, there will be a For Sale sign up tomorrow....well, we gotta sell the house first. Madeline....PUT DOWN THOSE SCISSORS!
Is it dinner time already? Sigh....if it were just me I would work through dinner time......Stop everything, make dinner. Don't bother cleaning up kitchen.....back outside.
OMG, if that neighbor kid asks me if I am in a "Math Mood" one more time I might scream....I think I hear your mom calling you.....
DAMN, I worked my butt off all day but feel like I failed just because I won't finish all the jobs that I hoped to. I was wayyyyyy off on time estimation.
Okay, Madeline, we need to start picking up our toys. NO, I am not getting you that purple ball until you put your chalk away...Didn't I say put your chalk away???
I told my other neighbor (some of you know her as the bitter one) she wasn't surprised in the least. She told me "we've surmised that was coming"...WTF does that mean? This purchase took us buy surprise but they "surmised??" I swear she listens in to our baby monitor....
MADELINEeee. get away from the street!! Ugh.....where did this day go? I am starting to get sore.
Whewwww, all cleaned up - as good as I can accomplish for the day.
OH CRAP.....all that mulch and dirt that I didn't get a chance to do anything with is still in the car. I cant leave that to bake in my car over the long weekend.......CRAP!!!!
Unload 10 bags of mulch, 6 bags of top soil and flowers. I'm going to have to get a neighbor kid to water these flowers while we are gone. Almost time to go inside...
Oh no....the neighbor kid, that Madeline was dying to play with all day, just came over. around for a few minutes. I will sit and drink a bottle water.
Time to go in now.....Tubbie Time!! Wait, Mama HAS TO shower first. Madeline play in the bathroom while I shower. Hmmmm, she's quiet out there.....Madeline, put down that Vaseline! Okay....time for Madeline's Tubbie Time!!MADELINE, STOP putting that water in your mouth its dirty!
Good night. Love you!
All I want is a glass of wine, and Facebook time.....but noooooo.
Clean up the kitchen from earlier. Straighten up the scattered toys.....I need to get better at making Madeline clean up after herself....
Change loads of laundry...think about packing
NO WAY!!! It is 10:30pm!!! WOW...I am really kind of sore! I am sooo out of shape!
Should I pack? It's just too late....
glug, glug, glug (sound of pouring a glass of wine)....Facebook time.....time to catch up with friends and family....speaking of which, I miss David....Why are people so reluctant to join Facebook???...that's another day's rant. feels good to have my feet up! Hmmmm.... will people understand the style that this blog post evolved to today? Whatever....I'm too tired. I feel another sneeze coming on...I can't stop blowing my nose!
Hmmm....if I take cold meds, I doubt I'll be able to get my butt out of bed for Madeline's speech teacher appointment. Sigh...suffer through it and pray for a good night's sleep....another long day tomorrow.

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