Monday, May 4, 2009

Post-party Blues

The reunion, after all of the planning is over. Paul, Rachel, Marysia and Margaret have left Buffalo and are back at their homes. The house is quiet and I am feeling the post-party blues. I am feeling let down that it is all over already.

I know that I have neglected my blog during all of the recent chaos but I made up for lost time. In addition to the entry you are reading right now, I made 5 other entries today to fill you in on what I was up to all week. In order to read the events in a chronological order I suggest scrolling down and reading today's entries from the bottom up.

But before you do that, I want everyone to know that my sister, Marysia, lied to me!! Marysia told me that she had forgotten to pack the items from my mom's that we have been passing back and forth. I should've known better - but instead I let my guard down. As I was straightening the house after every one's departure I noticed, hidden in plain sight among the guest room's furnishings, were the ceramic clown bank, the anchor relic and the vinyl-stuffed cat. Don't worry, Marysia. They are resting comfortably and plotting their revenge ;-)


Marysia said...

I'm not a good lier and am surprised I pulled it off. However, I thought it was allowed as part of the "game". I had intended to hide them in plain sight on the first floor in either mother hubbard's cupboard or your living room glass cabinet, but couldn't get the timing right. Oh well, enjoy their company. They missed you!

Amy said...

Don't fret, Mushie. You will be reunited with them before long.

Whimsical Creations said...

LOl, you had a busy weekend! Looks like you had a fabulous time!