Sunday, May 24, 2009

Indiana - Day Two

So that Mama and Papa can hang out in the "Living Room" area of our suite after Madeline goes to bed we are putting Madeline to sleep in our bed. We then climb in with her when we are ready to sleep. This is a huge treat for Madeline as she doesn't typically sleep in the Mama/Papa bed at home. But, it is a nice treat for us to snuggle up with Madeline too.

Although we got up at 8:30 (not a bad time) there is an hour difference in the time zones between here and home. So, in actuality, it was as if we slept until 9:30. It felt great! And finally, I got a decent night's sleep (the past few nights I have been sleeping crappy due to my cold). We headed down to the hotel's breakfast. Madeline was in food-inhaling mode. For breakfast she ate 1/2 of a Belgian waffle (the full waffle was the size of a plate....huge), a sausage patty, a hard boiled egg, a few spoonfuls of yogurt and a handful of dry fruit loops!!!!! Don't worry, she probably wore all that off on our trip to the pool this morning. (But she polished off a banana for safe measures when we returned from the pool.)

With David growing up in Indiana, it is inevitable that a little boy would grow up to be a man who is a fan of the Indy 500. With that said, David wanted to watch the race. Madeline hung out with Papa and Grandma while Mama-Dirtyfoot shopped 'til she dropped at the Outlet Stores here in town. I don't get as much of a chance to shop as I used to so I was able to pick up a bunch of summer clothes for Madeline. Above is a picture that David sent me (from his cell phone) while I was shopping. I guess Madeline sat and had a snack with Grandma. I am not sure what she is eating in this picture but apparently, during the visit she polished off an entire container of raspberries.

In the evening, we met up with David's sister, Carolyn, and brother-in-law, Dan, (aka "Uncle Go-Go-Dan"). With Carolyn, Dan, and David's parents, we headed out for Mexican food. I took out my camera to take a picture of our group but my batteries had died. I think I'll try again tomorrow.....

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