Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday (5/3) recap

Sunday was my nephew, Tommy's, 17th birthday. Marysia obviously wanted to get home so that she could spend the day with her son. As a result, Marysia flew home Sunday morning. After dropping Marysia off at the airport I came home to make some breakfast for the gang. Sunday was a very pretty day so we decided to head into Buffalo and take a walk on the Riverwalk that is along the Niagara River. The day was very pretty although the temperature got quite chilly near the water. It was also fun to watch the crew teams racing in the Erie Canal. After our walk along the river we headed to Buffalo's trendy Elmwood district for a stroll and a little shopping.

Unfortunately, David also had to attend a work-related function on Sunday night. For dinner, Paul, Margaret and Rachel wanted to plan dinner and cook for me. It was absolutely wonderful! They dropped me off at home after the Riverwalk and they headed to the grocery store. I took advantage of that time to take a nap with Madeline. When they got home they started to prepare a feast and I wasn't allowed to help. We had yummy grilled salmon, homemade cheesy au gratin potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and garlic bread.

We had a pleasant evening together. We sat around talking and having a bit of wine together after dinner. The meal was yummy and the evening was relaxing. Thanks again!!

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