Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Today was a very enjoyable family-filled Memorial Day. Mama-Dirtyfoot, David and Madeline all slept in this morning and it felt GREAT! We headed down to breakfast at the hotel and once again, Madeline strapped on the feed bag. Afterwards we changed into our swimsuits and headed back downstairs to enjoy some swim time.

Later, the three of us stopped at Grandma's house for a little bit. We ended up eating our lunch there but then headed back out to visit a small festival in New Buffalo, Michigan. Mama and Papa had a lot of fun with this and Madeline had a blast riding the rides. She even played some "winner every time" kiddie games and was quite proud of her sticker "earrings" and mini rubber duckie.

After the carnival we headed back to David's parents' house for dinner. It was a gut-bustin' dinner with enough food to feed an army. We had steak, two types of pasta, cold slaw, fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob and bread sticks. For dessert we had fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries(which Madeline pretty much devoured) as well as a yummy strawberry jello/cheesecake dessert.

The food was yummy but the family time (both the time of just the three of us and also the time with the entire family was quite relaxing) I have included some additional pictures below...

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