Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy Day! - Day 10 (Berlin)

The plan today was to let Madeline sleep in after yesterday's day of rest and then head out to see the Olympic Stadium (Berlin 1936...with Hitler as a spectator). Madeline woke up coughing her head off. I told Jeff that before I could do anything else I had to get something for Madeline's cough (Jeff's wife, Carolyn, also has a terrible cough so he was willing to join in the hunt for drugs). Yesterday, we tried to get to a drug store. Let me just tell you, that next time you go into a Rite Aid or Walgreens, kiss the floor!!! Nothing like that exists here. The medical process is so completely different here. Yesterday, we went to a "drug" store but the best they could do is offer an all natural herbal medicine. I felt like saying, "Don't give me the fluff...we need DRUGS! You know, Robitussin....something!!" Yesterday's herbal stuff was useless so today we tried again. Come to find out you have to go to a pharmacist to get different drugs (what we get over the counter). It was a hoot trying to find one with the language barrier. After asking directions by pointing to a German phrase book, we ended up finding one directly across the street from the "natural drug" place we were yesterday. Madeline and I came back to the apartment to dilute the drugs in a little juice (the dosage is only 4 drops!). Madeline is normally really good with medicine but this stuff tasted so bad that is was a treat trying to get it down her. At this point I noticed Madeline, in addition to looking quite beat, felt a little warm. Yep, 101.7. No, sightseeing for us today. Luckily, I had packed Children's Tylenol. She took a shot of that and we napped. I had decided to contact David to let him know to plan on having dinner at the flat, rather than going out. The problem with that was that I had to drag Madeline out to a local grocery store to get the makings for dinner. Luckily Madeline had a burst of energy once the Tylenol kicked in and after a nap. You would think that the makings for pasta would be easy enough but even shopping as simple as that had my head spinning with the language barrier. We got back "home" and checked Madeline's temperature which was still good, so I was pleased.

David surprised me and came back to the flat a couple hours earlier than he has been. Madeline was still doing well and since David was back, I took the opportunity to get out of the flat for a little bit to see a little bit more of the city. I must say, what a feeling of independence and accomplishment. Here I was, a woman on my own, not only just in a strange city but in a strange country too. I received a little guidance from David with directions before I left....but I did it! I grabbed a taxi (I don't think I ever did that by myself before) and headed down to a main shopping district in the city. I got a few souvenirs. I stumbled upon an old church (Kaiser William Memorial Church) that was semi-demolished as a result of WWII. After the war, instead of demolishing it or rebuilding it, they decided to leave it as is as a memorial. As you can see from this photo, not only is the top half of the steeple missing but I am certain the original church used to be much larger in size.

David also wanted me to pick up a second of a souvenir that I bought the other day. I thought I was lucky enough when I encountered another location of the same store in this shopping district. They, however, were out of what I was looking for so I hopped in a taxi again and went back to the Brandenburg Gate to the store that I purchased the first souvenir. While heading back, I decided to take a picture of my foot on the only sign near the Brandenburg Gate that the Berlin Wall actually existed. It is a small row of brick that follows the path of where the Wall used to be. It was funny trying to shoot this picture because I did this while crossing a very busy intersection in front of the gate. I next grabbed a taxi and went "home" to make dinner.

Upon arriving back at the flat, Madeline was curled up next to David watching a movie on the computer. As I came in to give kisses, Madeline felt warm again. Yep, the fever was back, 102.5. Out came the Tylenol. I still made dinner (and was proud that I was able to make this creation after shopping in "no man's land") and Madeline picked at dinner a little bit. I, however, felt guilty as all hell having gone out at all. So, it is already decided that Madeline and I stay in the flat again tomorrow....even if she is feeling like a new person (see view from our flat below). I guess if she had to get sick, it is better now so that she has time to recuperate before we have to start traveling back home. Please say some prayers for her speedy recovery.


Whimsical Creations said...

What fabulous history!

I hope Madeline feels better! It weird how different places do different things with medicine.

Patti said...

Poor Madeline! I hope she feels much better tomorrow. I'm glad you were able to get out a bit - very adventurous of you to take a taxi by yourself!

Kelly said...

Poor Madeline. Her husband asks that you give her a hug from him! Great job exploring - very adventurous of you.