Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sugar High!!

This morning Madeline and I had to leave the house early to drop Packard (aka Franken-kitty) to the vet. Packard is having surgery to remove the large cyst and drainage tubes in her head. Neither Madeline nor I are morning people so we didn't have much time for a healthy breakfast before having to leave the house. Instead, I didn't eat and I fed Madeline what I call the "fast food breakfast", a 1/2 banana and a cereal bar, in the car. After the drop off at the vet, Mama-Dirtyfoot was in dire need of coffee. My intention was to drive-thru for a coffee & donut and maybe a Timbit (donut hole) for Maddie. However, I needed to go to the Dollar Store and had some time to kill before they opened at 9am. Madeline and I headed inside and the Tim Hortons had their HUGE donut display case at Madeline's eye level. I told Madeline that she could pick out a donut for herself. Wouldn't you know it....she picked out the most sugar-laden donut in sight! Luckily she only ate a couple bites of it.

This evening, I am getting a Moms Night Out (MNO). The MOMS club I belong to has a monthly MNO. This month it is a mini-spa party. One of the woman has a connection with a local studio and we are getting INEXPENSIVE treatments. We will have the whole place to ourselves so we will also be able to bring refreshments. I am sure this will be a nice girl's gab-fest. After that I am heading out to the Southtowns. One of my former schoolmates manages a club there and I am heading over to pick up some basket donations for the upcoming reunion/fundraiser. Gosh, being a social goddess is tiring!

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Whimsical Creations said...

LOL...she looks very pleased with her donut choice. =D

Have fun tonight!