Thursday, April 23, 2009

Franken-kitty (graphic)

Today I picked Packard up from the vet. Good news is that she is doing good and seems much more comfortable. The bad news, however, is that the vet said that the mass that was removed was not a cyst and she is confident that it is malignant. The vet felt that the tumor was pretty aggressive as it was attaching onto the muscles and was at the beginning stages of invading the skull - although no brain matter was exposed. The vet removed at much as she could (about 95%) but did not want to mess too much with the area too close to the skull because as she said, she is "not a brain surgeon". She did, however say that the growth stretched out a lot of the skin atop Packard's head so when she went to stitch up the incision she had to trim away some of the extra skin. Oh....not a neurosurgeon but obviously a cosmetic surgeon. I guess Packard got a free "face lift" :-)

So, one of two things can happen. (1) The tumor can come back and/or spread or (2) things can sort of remain as is and Packard could live to eventually pass away from natural causes at an old age. I'll take option #2!

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