Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recovery Time

Yesterday and today, by the time 9pm rolled around, David and I were pretty much ready for bed. Although the luggage is unpacked and 98% of the laundry is done, I am still moving in slow motion. I can't seem to light a spark under my butt. Although the laundry is done, it is sitting folded just waiting for me to put it away. The suitcases are empty but I have a few piles of things sitting on my stairs to take up with me, yet I keep passing it by. All the souvenirs for others are unpacked and sitting in piles waiting for me to pack them up and move them along towards their future home. And now I am beginning to think about the list of things to do to prepare for Easter - such as re-introduce Madeline to the concept of the Easter Bunny (I don't think she remembers much from last year).

Now that I am home, I feel like I do not have anything exciting to report....other than, "I'm tired"! I have bet David that we probably won't be re-adjusted 100% until the weekend. Until then, coffee is my best friend. And now I am off to bed! G'nite!

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