Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Preparations

We are still slowly getting re-adjusted to the time difference since our return home. Also, we are in the midst of preparing for Easter. Yesterday, Madeline and I headed out to Buffalo's Broadway Market. The Broadway Market is a 120 year old market. The market is located in Buffalo's inner city. Other than the week or so before Easter, the Market is basically deserted. However, once a year, suburbia swarms the Market in order to taste a bite of nostalgia and gather the goods for their family's traditional Easter meals.

Yesterday, Madeline and I headed to Buffalo to partake in the traditional regional holiday chaos. We bought a very fragrant hyacinth, pussy willows, fresh horseradish, poppy seed coffee cake, placek (Polish for a crumb coffee cake) and a Polish hand-painted egg. I also picked up some fresh whole bean coffee and some hard to find wine from a regional winery. Also, while at the market Madeline made a visit to the Easter Bunny. I do have to say that the Market's bunny was the lamest I had ever seen! You could totally see the guy's face through the costume's eyes. Oh well, Madeline didn't seem to notice.

Although there are plenty of meat markets at the Market, my mom swore by Redlinski's kielbasa. Unfortunately, Redlinski's Meats is located a few miles away from the Broadway Market. After leaving the Broadway Market, Madeline and I took a ride out to Redlinski's to purchase some ham and kielbasa for Sunday's Święconka (traditional Polish Easter). The place was absolutely mobbed! We walked in, grabbed a number to begin our wait. I looked at our number - we had #71. However, they were on #7!!!! I thought I would try to wait out the line but five minutes into the wait, Madeline decided she wanted to use the potty. I decided to leave and try to return at a later time. Today, I headed back and although the place was still very busy, my number was being called as I was pulling it off of the roll. The return trip was completely worth it! We still have several preparations to make for Easter but at least we still have another day to accomplish what we still need to accomplish.

By the way, the photos that are posted were taken by my cell phone. There has been no news on our camera that we lost in Ireland. I am thinking that another "Easter preparation" will be to buy a new camera.

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Whimsical Creations said...

Sounds like fun & YUMMY!! I just bought a camera (blogged about it a couple days ago). I LOVE it!!!