Thursday, April 23, 2009

MNO (Mom's Night Out)

Busy, busy, busy during the day yesterday - although not near as productive around the house as I should've been! "Franken-kitty" (Packard) was dropped off at the vet in the morning for a surgery to remove her big lump on her head. (I guess I can no longer call her "Lumpy"). In the evening, I headed out for my MOMS group's monthly "MNO" (Mom's Night Out). This month we had a mini-party at a local cosmetology school's studio. You had a choice of a number of services you could have done for only $4 each! I wasn't daring enough to have a soon to be graduate cut my hair so I opted for a make-up application and a wash/style (see photo....but DAMN, look at those wrinkles at the corner of my eye!). It was fun for all the moms to "glam up" and chit chat.

Afterwards, I headed out to a club that a former grade school classmate (Mike) manages in the Southtowns. Due to his job he had the ability to offer some great donations for the upcoming reunion/fundraiser and I headed out to pick them up. How crazy it is to see someone you haven't seen in about 20 years! I had a chance to meet Mike's wife (Fun girl! She is a bartender at the club.), catch up on life as well as catch each other up on the other schoolmates that we know the whereabouts of. This pre-reunion's reunion was fun but also got me extremely psyched to see all my other former schoolmates/childhood neighbors at the upcoming reunion (May 2nd)! I'll post those photos after the event.

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