Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello Heathrow - Day 13 (Back in London)

Today we began making our way back home. We flew into London Heathrow. We wanted a more relaxing day so we didn’t venture back into downtown London. Instead we took a taxi to Windsor. The town is so nice. It reminds me of Niagara-On-The-Lake except 50 times larger and a huge castle plopped in the middle. We strolled around in the nice Spring weather, did some window shopping, “ooooo’ed and aahhhh’ed” at Windsor Castle and had a bite to eat for dinner. We got back to our hotel at a decent enough time but decided to save the pool until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we are off to Dublin….more from there. But below are some pictures of our day.

Another shot of Windsor Castle (also castle seen from a distance that takes up the *entire* horizon in the photo at the start of this post)

Photo of small bridge in Windsor crossing over River Thames

Maddie on Merry-Go-'Round

Madeline on swings

Mama and Madeline at dinner


oscartwu said...

I think Mama-Dirtyfoot looks just a wee bit tired. Madeline looks all refreshed. Love the pictures. Can't wait until your back home and rested so I can talk to all of you.

Amy said...

Aint that the truth!! I am now getting the cold that Madeline had! I had more colds this year than I did in in my teaching years.