Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy (Belated) Easter

We ended up having a pretty quiet, laid-back Easter. All three of us ended up sleeping in a little bit (I think we are all now finally readjusted to our own time zone.). Since we were running a little behind and still had to eat breakfast and hunt down Easter baskets before church we decided to hold off having Swienconka (Polish Easter) until later in the day. Therefore we had a "lazy mama" breakfast of frozen pancakes.

Madeline had fun looking for her Easter basket this year. It was fun watching her look around and her excitement when she found her basket. The Easter bunny did good this year and gave very limited amounts of candy, although the bunny had some other non-candy treats in there instead. The Easter bunny had fun filling David's basket too, sent Mama shopping for her own stuff??? Hmmmm..... I think I need to have a talking to with that Easter bunny to set him straight for next year.

I can't complain too much, however, because we did end up getting a new camera to replace the one that was left in a taxi in Dublin. Mama-Dirtyfoot is happy about that, although I haven't quite figured out how to add pictures from my camera to my computer yet. I had to have David transfer them to the computer for me. We have to find time to have David give me lessons.

We ended up having the blessed food for dinner on Easter. We ate fresh (not smoked....or as others say 'the gray stuff') kielbasa, ham, Swiss, rye bread, a butter lamb, hard boiled eggs, potato salad & wine for dinner. We had placek (crumb coffee cake) and a poppy seed coffee cake for dessert. Ohhhhh soooo Polish! As you can see from the photo, by dinner time I changed out of my Easter clothes and was nice and comfy with a big baggy sweatshirt and my hair pulled off of my face in my "Mom hairdo".

This meal is somewhat passable for David if eaten later in the day but my mom always served this as breakfast and David could hardly stomach it that early in the morning. I guess it makes sense why such a heavy meal was traditionally eaten early Easter-because Catholics were able to break from their Lenten fasts and indulge in all the naughty things that where given up during Lent. (I remember staying up 'til midnight one year so I could have some chocolate!)

Yes, this Easter was quiet and uneventful but it was very relaxing and filled with family time. What a wonderful way to spend the day reflecting on God's gifts to us.

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