Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Day in Berlin - Day 12

David had to get up early today to catch a flight. He had a 1pm meeting with a company in Frankfurt today. So, his day consisted of catching a 9:30 flight to Frankfurt, an hour drive to meet with a company, an hour drive back to the airport and an hour flight back to Berlin in order to get him back here at around 7pm. So, with David in Frankfurt, Madeline and I had the day to hang out together. Quite honestly, it was very impressive to see the sights that I did see, but there was nothing else here that I really felt I needed to go out of the way to see. Parts of what I saw were quite impressive, yet I preferred London and Dublin better. Madeline and I headed out to run some errands. I was quite impressed with myself that I could manage these everyday kind of errands by myself, in a foreign country with a language barrier (even though Berlin is quite large, many people speak very little English.)

Madeline and I headed out, bought a yummy pastry to split. I next found a bank (ATMs don't seem to be everywhere like they are in the States). Next stop, the Apothecary for my sore throat....I think I am getting what Madeline and Carolyn had. Then I found a post office and a store that carried batteries for my camera. These are all easy errands back home but the language barrier magnifies the ability to get your bearings. I am proud of doing this by myself in a foreign county.

After these errands, Madeline and I dared to catch a subway back to Kurfurstendamm (aka Ku'damm), where I was the other day. Yes, we had to take 3 different subway lines and I managed to do this with out any guidance....yippee!! Madeline noticed the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church that was greatly damaged in the war and said, "Church has no cross", because the top of the steeple was missing. She wanted people to climb on top and give it a band-aid.

Mama-Dirtyfoot and Madeline stopped out for a girl's lunch out. We shared a Shnitzel, potatoes and cole slaw. I cut up the Schnitzel to resemble chicken fingers. She chowed on some of that and absolutely devoured the cold slaw (not like at home. No mayo...mostly just cabbage). The potatoes were delicious but Madeline had absolutely no interest.

After lunch, Madeline and I did a little window shopping. The main reason we went back to the Ku'damm was because I saw a really cool bed & bath shop that had a huge variety of rubber duckies. I thought Madeline would get a kick out of picking one out as a souvenir. She chose a small pink duck with darker pink hearts all over it. This photo of Madeline is her pointing out the above ground train to me. We were only about two doors down from the duckies store when I snapped this photo.

When we got back to the flat, Madeline and I layed down together for a short nap. Madeline didn't nap but I dozed felt so good! Later, David came back and the 3 of us went out for a bite to eat.

Tomorrow we start working our way back home. Long story....but we are not heading directly back home. We have one night back in Londaon and then one night in Berlin. I am sleepy now and need to work on packing more so I will end here. Next stop, London.

Side note: Marysia and her family are heading to Costa Rica tomorrow. I wish them tons of fun and a safe relaxing trip. I miss talking to you, Mush, and I hate that I have to wait to chit chat with you until after *you* get home....well after I do. Have fun! Love you!


Marysia said...

Thanks, Amy! I will try to keep you posted via Mike's laptop. I am really enjoying reading all about your adventures and seeing the pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Whimsical Creations said...

How fun!! Looks like you 2 had a fabulous time together. =D