Saturday, April 11, 2009


Okay....just a warning......for those that are faint at heart, I will not post the photo until the end of the post so that you may choose not to look. One of our kitties, Packard, has had a lump on her head. It wasn't giving her much difficulty but was getting quite large and therefore we wanted to have a vet take a look at it. Packard was brought to the vet in the Fall and it was determined that she had a cyst. The vet, then, told us that we could keep an eye on Packard and bring her back if it started to bother her. Recently the lump got larger and was starting to pull on her eye.

Today, David took Packard to the vet while I took Madeline to dance class. I spoke to David on the cell phone prior to seeing Packard again. Packard had the cyst drained and the vet opted to keep a drainage tube in her for a few days to help the cyst continue to drain. I asked David how Packard was doing and David said, "Fine, except she looks like Franken-kitty". David explained over the phone that the tube is sticking out of Packard's head in two spots. I asked him if it looked like antena but David said it looked more like she was stabbed in the head with a straw. Yep, that's pretty much an accurate desciption. The tube (straw size) pokes out on the front side of Packard's head and proceeds to poke out of the back side as well. Yep, pretty gross...but Packard is doing great (although David was feeling a little week-kneed when he saw Pacakrd at the vet)

By the way, we have come to call Packard, "P" for short. We have also called her "Sweet P" but since the cyst we have been know to call her "Lump-P". I guess now that she has a straw out of either side of her head, we may now call her, "Sip-P". GRAPHIC PICTURE BELOW>>>