Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Minute Frenzy

I am still quite busy trying to, I guess just catch up on everything. My main priority (other than Madeline & David, of course) is getting things squared away for the reunion/fundraiser that I am working on. This is a twofold project because (a) I have the reunion details to sort out and (b) I will have houseguests (3 siblings and a niece) in from out of town for the reunion. Again, I am soooo excited about seeing my family but my house is a DISASTER.

Today my house was reunion central!! The deadline for tickets is tomorrow but my phone (and email) was ringing off the hook today with last minute ticket requests. I was afraid that we wouldn't have a good showing but now I am thinking we might hit capacity by the time we truly have to cut off ticket orders. This will be a fun evening! I get to have a night out on the town with my siblings, aunts, uncle and friends as well as reconnecting with some long lost friends. The icing on the cake, above and beyond the reunion aspect of the event, is that it is also a fundraiser for a good cause.

What else is new....nothing. Madeline is doing her thing, Mama is keeping busy and Papa is soooooo swamped at work. He'll even have a couple late nights while my family is visiting (ummmm, one a dinner with the Governor!). Also, Packard...aka "Franken-kitty" is going in for surgery tomorrow to get her drainage tubes and cyst removed.

Pray for our sanity in the next few weeks at the Mama-Dirtyfoot household. Hopefully things will calm down a little and David and I can start thinking about summer road trips and relaxing evenings out on our deck.

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