Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I feel like such a blogger slacker. I haven't posted nearly as much as I did while we were in Europe but after that experience, I feel as I have nothing exciting to say.

What have I been up to lately?

-Easter is over but now I have to (1) stop eating the damn candy and (2) get those baskets, decorations etc back down in the basement and stored for next year. I hate that part of post-holidays!

-It took forever to catch up on laundry after our trip but now I am buried in it again. I had to hurry to do all our travel laundry as I had a repair man in on Friday to repair a small crack in our basement wall (we would get water during a winter thaw or a heavy rain). In preparation for the repairman we had to disconnect our washer and dryer. Also, while the washer and dryer were moved out of the way, David decided to tile the laundry room floor before reattaching the washer and dryer. I am now trying to unearth us from the laundry that buried us during this time.

-I am in the last minute frenzy of planning a large fundraiser reunion from the former school/parish of my childhood. I am having fun working on this but it is keeping me busy! In fact, I am heading to the hall for a meeting later today.

- I am in the midst of some serious (and much needed) spring cleaning. Three of my five siblings are coming into town for the reunion and will all be staying at my house. I am SOOOooooo excited about that however, if I don't clean they will think we acquired some new cats as my dust balls are the size of a kitty!

Oh yeah....and somewhere in there I am squeezing in a few social gatherings. I couple MOMS club field trips, a MOMS club Mom's night out, a wine tasting party at a friend's house, a trip to a former schoolmate's to pick up basket donations for the reunion and an afternoon get together with my friend Tammy.

So, what have I been up to? Nothing....but a whole lot of everything.

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