Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dress-up (Times Two)

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know, I am a blogger slacker lately. I have also been soooooo swamped too! Friday, during the day I had a reunion event planning's getting close!!! Saturday, Madeline had dance class and then in the afternoon she attended her first birthday party for a peer. The girl (a daughter of one of David's co-workers) is actually a year younger than Madeline but since Madeline is so tall for her age she just towered over her. The party location was a Party Paradise type place that you just show up, have a private room for your party and the kids played with all sorts on things....climbing sets, dress-up clothes, zip-lines, etc. We had pizza and cake and Madeline had a wonderful time. The only down part of the party is that someone brought their kid, who was sick to the party. gets better! This kid actually puked after the pizza. As a parent, wouldn't you take your kid home at that point? Oh no....they continued to stay the entire party. Needless to say, I doused Madeline in the anti-bacterial gel. Let's just hope that she didn't leave with an unexpected "party favor".

Today, Madeline was able to get all dressed up in her dance costumes and go into the studio for her dance pictures. Madeline was a happy camper because she was able to get some make-up applied for the photos. Above is a photo of Mama-Dirtyfoot giving Madeline a "spa-day makeover". I took these pictures of her in her costumes before she had the professional shots done. I just wanted to give Mama-Dirtyfoot readers a sneak peek of Madeline's recital costumes. The green costume is for tap. For tap, they are dancing to "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan. The pink "elephant" costume is for ballet. For ballet, they are dancing to "Horton Hears A Who" from Suessical the Musical. Now the question is....(a) Will Madeline dance like a pro at her recital or (b) Will Madeline be one of those 3 year olds that stands on stage in their pretty costume, not dancing one step because they have a severe case of stage fright? Certainly, I hope for choice (a) but if I had to bet money....I am leaning towards choice (b).


Marysia said...

Ohhh, sooo cute!!!

Kelly said...

Those are the cutest costumes!!

Anonymous said...

Even if she just stands there she will still be the cutest one in the group...No I'm not showing any favoritism.