Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soooo busy - but having fun

Last I posted was Sunday - man, how time flies!! Monday, I was frantic trying to get my house somewhat presentable for house guests. My sister, Marysia, arrived on Tuesday. After picking her up from the airport, we two sisters, were quite excited to see each other. Both of us were talking a mile a minute with our volume getting higher and higher. We had so much to say to each other and kept talking over each other in the excitement of the several days we would share. Of course Madeline, an only child, does not quite understand this type of volume since it is usually fairly quiet at home. As the volume level escalated among the sisters, Madeline pipes in from the back seat to tell us, "No screaming, girls!". Needless to say, Marysia and I got a case of the giggles over that.

After the airport, Marysia, Madeline and I headed over to visit her in-laws (the most hospitable people one can ever meet) for lunch. After we left Marysia's in-laws we were going to run a few errands before heading back to my house. Yet, we decided to first take a drive through our childhood neighborhood. Madeline was quite quiet in the backseat so I turned to discover that somehow she got a hold of my make-up bag and was busy decorating her face with lipstick. This photo does not do her cosmetic artwork justice! Again, another case of the giggles for Marysia and me! In the evening, David grilled us up some yummy steaks and afterwards Marysia was nice enough to help me out with some decorations for Saturdays reunion.

Today, David headed off to work but us girls had the luxury of a leisurely morning. We finally got our butts in gear and did some shopping. Marysia is all set for an outfit for Saturday but I still have no idea what I am going to wear.....ahhhhhhh!!!! We did have a good time shopping and we each bought somethings, but nothing for the big event. We did end up buying some casual tops for summer. We both liked the way one of the tops looked and figured that it was okay to each buy the same top since we live in different states. I have included a video below of us with these tops on. The video is absolutely goofy. I have to explain....I was trying to take a photo of us in the dressing room with matching tops on. The video (although poor quality because it was taken with my cell phone) shows us posing for a "photo" however when I realized that we were recording video instead, another outburst of giggles follows while Madeline is telling us to stop laughing. That poor girl....between her Mama and Marysia and the arrival of Margaret, Paul and Rachel later this week, Madeline will be scarred for life!

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Whimsical Creations said...

The photo & video are hilarious!!