Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Verrrrryyyyy busy weekend! It was a good mix of work and fun yet nevertheless, still busy! The fun began Friday afternoon with David's work Summer picnic. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from the picnic. I can say, however, that Madeline was having a blast! And for Mama and Papa, the picnic was much easier for us this year than it was last year. Madeline was well occupied playing with the other kids at the picnic. David and I didn't have to chase her around this year. We only had to make sure that she was in eye's view.

Although I hoped to accomplish more work than we did, David said my goals are unrealistic. But I must admit, we did still accomplish a lot around the house while still taking occasional breaks for play. The picture above is David taking time out to play with Madeline and her cars (yes, she likes those too) In the particular picture above, the two of them where picking out which car should be Elston's (the kitty). Saturday evening, I went out with a bunch of people from grade school. There were about 20 of us and as the evening progressed, we ended up moving to a karaoke bar. Although I am not in this particular picture, I also got up there and sang my heart out.....not a pretty sound!

Sunday morning came tooooooo early! Madeline has been getting up much earlier than she used to in the old house. I think I need to get some room darkening shades, especially since there are two windows in her new room! After breakfast and church, we spend the rest of the day working away - although we did take a little time to shoot some hoops (see photo).

So what did we accomplish? Aside from my pool/hot tub maintenance (vacuuming pool, adjusting chemicals, etc), David spent a decent amount of time cleaning up the glass from our shattered patio table, we (for the most part) finished getting our kitchen put away, David assembled a huge storage cabinet to use as a pantry (that is one thing I miss from the old house!). Also, David organized the stuff in the garage however we will need a shed to get the rest of the stuff (such as lawn mower & snow blower) out. Below are two pictures of the kitchen/family room area. Although we are making progress it is amazing how much we still have to do!

Standing just inside family room looking into the kitchen. The doorway straight ahead goes into the dining room. To the right of the table is the entrance to the sun room.

In the photo below, I am standing in the doorway to/from the dining room. Here you can see into the family room. You can see our fireplace straight ahead however, I can't decide if I should keep the bookcases (still empty at this time) on either side of the fireplace.


Whimsical Creations said...

Looks like a really nice house! Glad to hear you are settling in and taking some time to relax, too. =D

Marty said...

Does Madeline own David on the court yet?

Amy said...

Thanks Melanie! We are getting there slowly but surely.

Marty, the two of them (David & Madeline) want to know if you are in as a third for the Gusmacker.