Monday, August 3, 2009

New Tenants

The barn swallows are back and the eggs have finally hatched. Mama bird is going back and forth all day between hunting for food and feeding the baby birdies. It is unfortunate that the birdies are on our front porch, right near our entrance door, but we are having so much fun bird watching. Madeline and I were mesmerized by their habits this morning as we can secretly watch them from the stairwell just inside our main entrance. This has also provided a great learning experience for Madeline as she can tel you (with disgust) that birds eat bugs. She also knows that mama bird chews up the food and spits it into the baby birdies' mouths. I explained the mama bird's feeding process to be like if I chewed up some pancakes and spit them in Madeline's mouth. Madeline thought that sounded pretty neat.....ugh! The picture above (although hard to see ) is mama bird coming in to feed her babies. The photo below was my attempt to photograph the inside of the next while mama and papa bird were away. It looks as though we have 3 birds in our front porch "nursery"

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