Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spaghetti And Meatball

Don't have much new to report here in the "Gettin' Settled" stage. I can, however, proudly say that I did find my silverware so dinner has been more enjoyable. Yet, despite the fact that my goal for today was to clear and find a place for all the miscellaneous junk on my kitchen counters, I did not accomplish that. Instead I tinkered with the pool and hot tub and decided that I will never be able to figure out how to correctly balance the chemical levels in either. When in doubt, add more chlorine, right?

Madeline and I also ran around running some errands today too. Since Madeline has been zipping around the pool on her orange noodle, I decided that I needed more noodles before they disappeared for the summer. Aside from Madeline using the noodles, David and I wanted some too. So, after buying 4 more noodles, Madeline and I hopped in the pool with David joining us when he came home from work. Madeline and I ended up having a blast surrounding ourselves with our 5 noodles. As we jumped around we pretended that we were spaghetti. Madeline thought it was pretty funny when I told her she was the meatball. We had fun despite the fact that we weren't productive. counter progress!!!


Whimsical Creations said...

Buying noodles sounds like progress.

Marysia said...

What's the rush? Summer is going way too fast and before you know it you will be closing the pool. So enjoy it while you can! It will all be done by Christmas.

Kelly said...

I agree with Marysia, enjoy the weather. The unpacking will be there tomorrow or the next day.